Counterprotesters Vastly Outnumber Neo-Nazis at Rallies

Neo-Nazis rallying in Riverside–which was previously referred to here and here–were vastly outnumbered by counterprotesters Saturday.

A morning
counterprotest sponsored by 32 community organizations, including some with Orange County members, drew 200 people to Riverside City Hall. Their enthusiasm–and numbers–carried over to an anti-immigration rally staged later that day by eight Neo-Nazis in front of a Madison Avenue Farmer Boys restaurant that is adjacent to a Home Depot where day laborers gather.

The Heil Hitlerers never knew what hit them.

The counterprotesters eventually snatched and tore up
swastika-covered flags and chanted “Nazis go home,” reports the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Neo-Nazis planned two-hour rally ended after 45 minutes when
police officers in riot gear politely suggested it would be in their best
interest to vamoose.

The hater inbreds all piled into their clown cars and

Speaking of clown cars, Jeff Hall, the
Riverside-based state director of the National Socialist Movement,
which the Anti-Defamation League identifies as the nation's largest
Neo-Nazi organization, never reached the rally because his car broke

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