Controversial Danish Cartoons Are Better Read, Heard, Not Seen

On The Politics
of Culture
from 2:30 to 3 p.m. today on KCRW (89.9 FM), host Jonathan Kirsch talks with religious scholars and others about “The Cartoons That Shook the World–Without the Cartoons.”

It involves Yale University publishing a book in November about the controversial cartoons that appeared in a Danish newspaper depicting the prophet Mohammed–you know, the ones that resulted in worldwide Islamic
protests, riots and deaths in 2005.

But the book itself will omit any and all images of
the prophet Mohammed.

Kirsch's guests will be: Jytte Klausen, the Brandeis University politics professor and author of The Cartoons That Shook the World; Reza Aslan, an internationally acclaimed religious scholar and the author of No God but God; Ibrahim Hooper, the national communications director with the Council on American Islamic Relations; and Karen Armstrong, a religious scholar, former nun and the author of The Case For God.

The Politics of Culture's producer, Sarah Spitz, says Yale was offered a chance to have a representative on the program but declined.

Thinking back to 2005, Clockwork remembers OC Weekly being branded gutless by some yahoo for refusing to publish the controversial Danish cartoons. Seeing as how this was not an Orange County issue, nor did we even have a story on the images, it seemed silly to just print them for shits and giggles and potential Molotov cocktails.

But now that they can be tied to actual Weekly coverage, Clockwork boldly provides the offending cartoons on the next page . . .


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