Catholic Church Molestation Survivor Starts Non-Profit to Fight Sex Abuse

One of the main criticisms Catholic pedo-apologists have against the survivors that dare sue the Church in civil lawsuits boils down to this twisted logic: if the victims just care about exposing the truth, then why are they asking for money? Don't civil suits just show that they're really money-grubbers who wanted it as kids and teens?

This is the official line of the Diocese of Orange, of Bishop Tod D. Brown and his slop bucket of lawyers, one parroted by too many of the faithful. Thankfully, those survivors put their settlements to good use–to reconstruct shattered lives, both their own and others. It's the latter that Elaina Kroll is concerned most with. She is one of the lucky few Catholic Church molestation victims who not only one a civil settlement against the insults to Christ, she also saw her perp do time: Albert Lee Schildknecht, a former choir directory at St. Timothy in Laguna Niguel (home to pedo-apologist supreme John Urell) who plead guilty earlier this year to molestation but whom served jail time only after violating his probation.

With her settlement money, Kroll has started the Innocence Mission, a non-profit devoted to “the eradication of child sexual abuse throughout our society,” per its mission statement. They're holding a fundraiser December 4, at the Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel, with entertainment provided by that enjoyable 1990s relic, the Royal Crown Revue Swing Orchestra. Also on the list: honors for Greatest Religion Reporter Ever William Lobdell, and the officers who broke the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping case. Tickets ain't cheap–$250–but know that your donation will help protect kiddies from perverts of all faiths.

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