Candy-Asser's Lawyer Blames ¡Ask a Mexican! for Hate Crime Charges Against Client

Seal Beach lawyer Rey Ochoa is quite the funny guy. His website puts the California-certified attorney on the same professional level as a lawyer who uses a Gmail account as their work email. He once represented convicted neo-Nazi killer Billy Joe Johnson, laughably denying to the Los Angeles Times that his client belonged a white-power gang. And despite his wab ethnicity, Ochoa continues to represent skinheads–his current client is Erin Brooks, the wannabe chola of the Candy-Ass Gang, that trio of pendejos (and one pendeja) who prosecutors
say drove into Huntington Beach's Slater Slums neighborhood on Fourth of July weekend with the
expressed purpose of beating up a Mexican, only to have their asses cracked at the hands of wabs.

Ochoa has already scored a legal victory for Brooks by convincing presiding Judge Steven Bromberg to let her go free on $100,000 bail because she is a loving, responsible mother–this, despite Brooks having left a party late at night drunk, with three men who weren't her husband and a infant daughter God-knows-where. Now, Ochoa is trying to have all charges dismissed against Brooks and blames–get this–my ¡Ask a Mexican! column for his pendeja of a ward.

According to court documents filed in Orange County Superior Court, Ochoa claims that prosecuting district attorney Andrew Katz offered on Sept. 25 to dismiss charges of attempted murder with hate crimes enhancements against Brooks if her fellow Candy-Assers Bret Hicks, Michael Powell, and Brian Hanson pleaded guilty to their crimes. But Katz
pulled the deal two weeks later, a maneuver Ochoa claimed, “egregiously
interfered with the effectiveness of defense counseling in advising and
representing their clients in this litigation. This is clearly an
impingement on the defendants' rights to effective assistance of

And then Ochoa turned really pendejo.

He claimed Katz dropped the plea deal only after reading the Weekly's Navel Gazing post revealing Hicks had previously warned on an Internet white-power radio program that it was time to “kill or be killed” and clean neighborhoods of minorities. Ochoa also accused Katz of collusion with the Weekly, said the information dug up by me was baseless because of my column, and that my coverage of the Candy-Assers were for purely promotional reasons for my book. “He has an obvious slant toward the Mexican point of view,” Ochoa wrote about me. “Mr. Arellano has provided information to the prosecution and it appears that the prosecution is relying upon this rank hearsy to fortify his case or to trade information.”

Ochoa went on to defend Hicks' threats as an “exercise of free speech” and went on to write this gem:

The news media should get its facts from the authorities. The authorities should not base their cases on published media. Communications with the Weekly by this prosecutor raise great ethical issues in this case. The prosecutor has an affirmative duty to independently pursue his own investigation and not to curry the favor of the press or the populace nor to give the appearance of doing so.

Us, get our facts from authorities? HAHAHA! If that were the case, Mike Carona would still be disgracing our county. “Rank hearsay”? It's not me affecting a meathead voice like Hicks' and rail against Jews and Mexis. And for the record: there has been no communication between the Weekly and the district attorney's office regarding the case other than unanswered requests to review the police reports pertaining to the case. There are no “ethical issues” other than your competence as a lawyer, and your morality as a man for defending a slimeball like Brooks.

We'd love to get Rey's logic on this, but he's yet to return our calls. In the meanwhile, gentle readers: laugh! Especially you Mexis!

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