Candy-Asser Bret Hicks on Prez: “Hang Obama”

Oh, the hilarity! Last month, I wrote about the sartorial choices of supporters and members of the Candy-Ass Gang, the trio of pendejos (and one pendeja) who prosecutors
say drove into Huntington Beach's Slater Slum neighborhood on Fourth of July weekend with the
expressed purpose of beating up a Mexican, only to have their asses cracked at the hands of wabs. I laughed about the spectacle of white supremacists desperately trying to hide their cheap neo-Nazi tattoos in a West Justice Center courtroom to no avail.

Not part of the fun that day was Bret Hicks, whom the Orange County District Attorney's office says did the stabbing in the assault and bragged months before on a white-power Internet radio show he hosted that it was time to “go out and kill”–he's been in a jump suit all this time awaiting trial. But that doesn't mean Hicks also hasn't partaken in stupid skinhead sartorial tricks. Click after the jump to see the man wear his opinion on the current president!


: that's Hicks, displaying a T-shirt of his union (based in City of Industry, and doesn't it chill the liberals out there that supposedly progressive unions take in skinhead cons?) doctored to fit his racist views. A source provided us the picture, along with a link to an Internet chat board where Hicks (under a pseudonym quickly proven to be him by pictures Hicks posted showing his face) proudly posted the shot and boasted he did the letter-arranging (the “hang” part originally said “change”).

Poor, dumb Hicks! As his circle jerk of apologists know, image is everything in a courtroom, especially in trying to convince a judge and jury that you didn't stab a Mexican three times because you're racist–no, you stabbed him out of self-defense! And all those previous, documented cases of proposed racial violence? Just idle chatter!

Maybe someone should've told Hicks that white-power tattoos and proclaiming death wishes upon the president virtually qualify a fool for hate-crime enhancement whenever they break the law? Maybe someone should've told him he shouldn't have been in a stabby move in the first place? Quick: someone tell the judge that Hicks' MySpace handle of “burritoman88” proves he's not a racist, but rather just a hypocrite!

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