Candy-Ass Gang Pleads Not Guilty to Slater Slums Hate Crime; Two Like Mexi Culture?

The Candy-Ass Gang–Erin Lee Brooks, Brian Charles Hanson, Bret Macdonald Hicks, and Michael Aaron Powell, the quartet of neo-Nazi fools whom the Huntington Beach Police Department say went to Surf City's Slater Slums barrio early July specifically to assault a Latino only to have their asses handed to them by wabs–pleaded not guilty to their charges today in Orange County Superior Court. Each faces attempted murder, hate-crime enhancements, and quite a few other felonies, with Hicks (an apt last name ¿quN no?) facing 11 counts. Score! Macdonald and Powell remain in custody; Brooks and Hanson free on bond, with the former's amount $100,000.

More–much more–on these pendejos to come after the Labor Day weekend. For the meanwhile, two fascinating tidbits: Brooks' eyebrows are straight out of Mi Vida Loca, while Hicks' online handle is burritoman88. What kind of skinheads dresses like Mexicans and combines Mexican food with their community's shorthand for “Heil Hitler” as a nickname for themselves? That's right: CANDY-ASS HYPOCRITES. In the meanwhile, apologists: have at it like you did before, Kluckers. The rest of mankind: ridicule away!

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