CA GOP Sure Knows How to Pick OCers

The Republican Party of Orange County's Weekly Squeeze e-letter (guys: drop the cutesy orange metaphor, por favor) tells me today that longtime local GOP activist Kathy Tavoularis is now Executive Director of the California Delegation to the 2008 Republican National Convention. “A well organized delegation is extremely important for our candidates and delegates, and Kathy is uniquely qualified to take on this role,” California GOP chairman Ron Nehring tells the Squeeze. Not only that, but Tavoularis also exemplifies the bigotry and elitism that wins the OC GOP elections in their home turf but proves to be a disaster again and again in the state and nation.

In 2003, Tavoularis told Ron Reagan (son of the Great Gipper) for a piece that central County, populated mostly by Asians and Latinos, was “the armpit of Orange County.” Minorities'll surely love that quote, no? Go spread our ethos to the rest of the state GOP, Kathy–and do you have any bananas?

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