Breaking News Shocker: Gretchen Rossi Will Not Get a Boob Job

Fox News has just broken this jaw-dropping exclusive:

Gretchen Rossi will not get a boob job.


Oh, the humanity!

Seriously, what happened to humanity?


The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member recently started “The Gretchen Project,” webisodes aimed at uncovering the truth about “alternatives to going under the knife.”

Since she walks among plastic, Botoxed, silicone-stuffed Brides of Frankenstein–check that: she actually referred to them as “people who've had cosmetic procedures”–Rossi says she really understands the pressure on women to feel beautiful.

“It is hard to stay strong and not go under the knife because I am surrounded by it,” she told Fox News' Pop Tarts at a recent fashion benefit in West Hollywood. “But ultimately I feel I have made the right choice for me and I can only hope it sets an example to young girls that you don't have to have plastic surgery to feel beautiful and confident. Love you Kate Hudson!”

And so, Rossi has taken it upon herself to chat up on camera medical and beauty experts from around the world to discover surgical alternatives “with the ultimate goal to pass along the pearls of wisdom to the modern day woman.”

For instance, there exist many non-surgical options when it comes to breast enhancement, but many do not really work and only have a placebo effect. These range from hypnosis and herbal medicines to breast slapping, an aggressive massage out of Thailand. So far, Rossi has discovered that the only truly permanent way to enlarge or reduce breasts is through surgery.

She seized the opportunity–and free pub–afforded by Fox to answer critics of her Bravo show who say she engaged much older Jeff Beitzel for his money. The wealthy mogul lost his battle with leukemia in September 2008.

“Everyone thinks that I am a gold digger! I made my own money before Jeff and make my own money now,” Rossi claimed. “I was a top selling real estate agent and was a very well do to and smart business woman. I am proud to say I purchased my own home, car and most of what I have today all on my own. I continue to work hard to have what I have today and will never need a man to take care of me. So technically speaking, 'sugar mama' might fit me better than a 'gold digger.'”

Exactly. Can anyone name a gold digger who has not got a boob job?

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