“Birther Nutjob” Orly Taitz Becomes OC's 2nd “World's Worst Person” This Week

Earlier this week, it was Orange County's own Reverend Wiley Drake, who prays for the death of President Obama on a daily basis and who has filed a lawsuit seeking his removal from office because he's not a real American citizen. Now fellow Obama “birther” and Mission Viejo attorney Orly Taitz has been named “World's Worst Person” by MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann.

As we reported two days ago, Taitz just filed a lawsuit in Florida on behalf of a certain Major Stefan Frederick Cook, who volunteered for the Army but upon receiving orders to deploy to Afghanistan, refused to go. Taitz' suit argued that Cook shouldn't have to go anywhere, because Obama, being a phony U.S. citizen and therefore a usurper, has no right as commander in chief to order anybody to go anywhere.

Well, it didn't take long for Taitz' lawsuit to get thrown out of court. But that's not all. “What this dim bulb Taitz didn't consider is that in civilian life, Cook is a systems engineer” for a Pentagon defense contractor, Olbermann said. “Mr Cook,” he continued, “By now, you must have gotten a hint that this obsession for a birth certificate…is clouding your judgment…Steer out of this skid.”

That's two world's worst people in a week. Way to go, Orange County! Let's go for the trifecta, folks. We're at a loss on who should round out this week's trio of sucky individuals.

Let's let democracy go to work on this one. Put your suggestions below. Vote as many times as you like!


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