Bill Hunt Now Officially Batshit Loco

It was bad enough that Orange County Sheriff's candidate Bill Hunt invited a man as controversial as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to shill for him at a fundraiser. But for Hunt to allow California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe into the fest means he has just sealed his fate with the rational people of Orange County.

Bill: that picture. Why? Do you really want to be associated with the godmother of the modern-day Know Nothing movement, a lady who rails about the homosexual agenda, who doesn't believe in vaccines because they're a government plot, who doesn't make qualms about her hatred of Muslims (not just the terrorists, Bill, but even those successful ones that can give you mucho cash)? Who says President Barack Obama is worse than Hitler, who is a Birfer, who believes cell phones can make popcorn kernels pop? Who recently wrote to her minions in an email that the Koran tells Muslims to “'torture, kill all American non-believers'”? Really?

If you do, your chances for beating current Sheriff Sandra Hutchens aren't necessarily over. Unfortunately, the crazies outnumber the good in this land, just like in Maricopa County. But given you're already running an underdog campaign, it's rather dangerous to associate with extremists and to pose with them for pictures, pictures that your political opposition will no doubt plaster across SanTana, Anaheim, Irvine, Little Saigon, and basically anywhere where diversity, tolerance, and logic reigns.

Then again, if you do want to associate with the despicable likes of Coe, that'll just mean you've become just like your professed hero Arpayaso. Congrats on that!

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