Because You're Ugly: Tube Scarves

Now that it's technically autumn, the weather should be cooling off significantly (really, any day now…).

But just to keep you ahead of the game, tube scarves are a sweet take on the old fashioned scarf, just pop it on and go.

I can never decide how to wear the ends of a traditional scarf anyway. Both over to the side? One slung front, one slung back? One over each shoulder? And what about knots? It never looks right.

Tube scarves provide the warmth and style of a regular scarf, but the end result is a little sharper and much more sophisticated.

While we're waiting for temperatures to drop below 70 (damn global warming), you can track this one down at Capelli NY (212-684-3344 for stores) for a mere $24.

Or, if you're handy with the knitting needles, you have plenty of time to make your own in whatever color and fabric your winter-yearning heart desires (patterns are available online, but it's really just a slouchy tube-top).

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