Because You're Ugly: Skanky Socks

We’ve seen them lurking around for a little while now, like at House Of Holland’s first catwalk collection back in February (rightmost photo), but it looks like one of the skankiest of trends is making a comeback.

Last time thigh-highs (or over-the-knee socks) were commonplace among um, non-prostitutes was in the early ‘90s. Yeah, I rocked ‘em back in ‘94 but I was in 7th grade and didn’t know any better.

Then they made an appearance in L.A.M.B.’s ‘08 Spring collection (see bottom right). Dammit Gwen, don’t do this!

And last week I accidentally came across an episode of Gossip Girl (it only took 3 minutes before I wanted to stab blunt objects into my eyeballs), and sure enough… there they were. In white none the less.

They’re like tights, but show some thigh. Several inches of thigh. Right up to the hem of that miniskirt that barely covers your ass.
How classy.

But wait! Don’t include a small ribbon to hold them up! That would be far too close to lingerie and therefore completely unacceptable to wear outside the house.

Please don’t buy any. Unless you want to look like a ho.

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