Because You're Ugly: Project Runway

It was revealed in late August by host Heidi Klum that the fourth season of the almost unimaginably successful Bravo reality fashion design show, Project Runway, will be premiering Wednesday, November 14.

If second rate shows like Shear Genius (the network's haircutting competition show—seriously) or the slightly better Tim Gunn's Guide to Style makeover series just aren't tiding you over, good news—Bravo's given viewers their first sneak peeks at three designers partaking in this upcoming season. The brief clips are kiiind of a snooze, but it's still beats watching Top Chef reruns.

Vids behind the cut:


1) Jillian Lewis, 26, New York City:

2) Chris March, 44, San Francisco:

3) Christian Siriano, 21, New York City:

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