Because You're Ugly: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sometimes Marc and I are on the same wavelength (see: Highland Fling Dress and the Night Blossom Silk Dress)… and sometimes we're not (see this, this and this.)

Buuuut most of the time, with the exception of a handful of accessories, Marc knows exactly what I like. And exactly what I want. And luckily, this time it's on sale.

The Carley Dot Dress is on sale over at ShopBop finally after months of ogling and admiring. The polka-dotted, mustard-colored dress features a retro-fit cut with some added modernization à la Marc. There's a ruffled chest with button closures, a slim, flattering cut, and even some more ruffles added for good measure just above the hemline and at the shoulders. It is a lot of ruffles, but it also tastefully manages to avoid looking costumey.

And while most on other coasts can't exactly wear a sleeveless dress right now (suckers), we Californians can throw this on with a long, shapeless cardigan (just about any color would work, but I'd aim for a light tan, gray or black), unbuttoned, and with a thin belt over it, sitting high on your waist. Add some gray or black tights and you'll be perfect for any Southern Californian “winter.”

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