Because You're Ugly: Joy Division sneakers?

Sneakerhead culture's always been a little baffling to me. I think everyone knows of someone by now who dedicates their lives and entire paychecks to collecting limited edition, rare, exclusive or original sneaks… and then doesn't wear them. Ever.

They'll fly to Tokyo for the latest neon patent leather explosion from BAPE or snipe out eBay for Jordans or Dunks on a daily basis, all in hopes for that one pair of freaking shoes their fellow sneakerheads don't already have.

A footwear shop in Manchester currently has these suckers on display, paying homage to a hometown band. Yup, your eyes do not deceive you: these are indeed a pair of Joy Division New Balances, custom made by a Canadian man with an extreme penchant for the beloved band's 1979 debut record, Unknown Pleasures.

The tongue tag and insole feature cover art from the album, a printout of the final flashes given off by a dying star, which guitarist Bernard Sumners (usually known as Barney) found in the Cambridge Encyclopaedia Of Astronomy. The back of the shoe reads “FACT 10,” referring to Tony Wilson's record label and club/venue, the Factory.

Another pair of “unreleased” Joy Division sneakers can be found here, but, like the pair featured here, don't expect to be able to own them any time soon.

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