Because You're Ugly: Isaac Mizrahi

While he may or may not be the best talk show host on television, Isaac Mizrahi has been designing an exclusive, highly successful line for Target for years now—and like many other diffusion labels, such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, the more affordable also seems to be the most lucrative for Mizrahi.

His popular line at Target has expanded from just women's clothing into home items, luggage and, most recently, bridal, which is offered now in an impressive price range of $9.99 – $159.99.

Other high-end designers have since followed Mizrahi's suit, such as Vera Wang's Simply Vera line for Kohl's.

The best of Isaac Mizrahi's items at Target fly off the shelves—but try to keep an eye out for this next time you need some tampons or orange juice or contact solution or a DVD or something. A good, reliable weekend bag is a must for anyone who tends to “need” to disappear from town for a couple of days—and this black-and-white gingham bag is the perfect fit. Literally. It meets carry-on size requirements and best of all? It's cute. And it's $39.99.

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