Because You're Ugly: GAP N Vespa

Yep, that's it. The crazy collaborations by designers have come to the most unthinkable huh?-inducing climax with the special limited-edition Vespa designed by Gap.

Yeah, that Gap. With the sweaters, khakis and same designs every year (save for the color palette) GAP. Snoozy GAP.

But this? This is kinda adorable.

So if you happen to be wondering what to get me for Christmas this year, you can go ahead and buy me this colorful 2007 Limited Edition Vespa LX50 with a custom “Crazy Stripe” design, all at a cool $5,999. Never mind that I could never take that thing on the freeway and the dissemination of Southern California and its overall incompatibility with scooters and the sort. Totally not important.

Find out how to purchase your own Gap-designed Vespa here.

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