Because You're Ugly: Fred Perry x Comme des Garçons

Fred Perry's one of those timeless labels with all-encompassing designs that appeal to just about anyone. The label (endorsed by and named after the 1930s tennis star) first started out with white polo Ts, but after the mod kids picked up on it, the shirts with the familiar laurel logo soon became available in a rainbow of colors.

With their classic, seemingly basic styles and tailored fits, Fred Perry is as popular as ever: dads love it (think of it as an English Ralph Lauren), and the modern day skinheads and mods still eat it up.

One of the ways the label has kept up with present trends is through working with various talked-about and/or up-and-coming designers. This time, Fred Perry has once again collaborated with a Japanese designer, the pleasantly experimental Comme des Garçons.

Those clean, understated lines of Fred Perry have been remixed by Comme des Garçons. The end result is actually a surprisingly playful collaboration, (especially taking into consideration that CdG was onced called by “the Rorschach test of fashion”) with fun-colored polos, knitwear, outerwear and accessories in shades of electric blue and emerald green.

While Fred Perry clothing isn't exactly readily available here in the states, Hanon Shop fortunately has a few CdG x Fred Perry pieces still up for grabs.

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