Because You're Ugly: Erin Fetherston for Target

Stay the hell away from my local Target this Sunday—because it's the date of the latest launch of Target's GO International line. And this time, the guest designer is American Erin Fetherston.

Based in Southern California, Fetherston's known for her delicate, sweet looks—think tuxedo fronts, pleats, airy fabrics, light palettes, bows and hearts. And all the celebrities you think would like Fetherston's digs already do: Irina Lazareanu, Kirsten Dunst, Sofia Coppola, Zoey Deschanel.

The sneak peek available on Target's official GO site features jumpers, red heart print thermals, tailored high-waisted (red!) shorts, breezy blouses and simple skirts. There's even a giant heart-shaped bag that appears in almost all the shots.

See more favorites from the Erin Fetherston for Target line after the jump.

Oh, and P.S. And in response to this, I'd like to say that I love thigh- and knee-high socks… when worn properly. Check Prada Spring 2006 and Fall 2007 ready-to-wear for the perfect visual tutorials.


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