Beating Mexicans and Fox News Reporters

Yesterday, with little or no warning, LAPD officers attacked unarmed Fox News personnel as well as men, women, children and the elderly gathered peacefully in Los Angeles–during the May 1 immigration rallies.

Women? Children? Elderly?

And Fox News personnel?

We can guess that those cops rarely read, but don't they watch TV while they inhale Budweiser and Snickers bars?

Fox? You know, guys—O'Reilly, Hannity, Gibson, Ailes and Murdoch. You know, the 24-hour-a-day “elevated threat level” network? Those LA officers should have been carrying Fox employees on their shoulders, offering them water or massages.

Instead, they demonstrated their eagerness to beat even allies. (Other than a thug, who would strike a TV cameraman and female reporter holding a microphone?) Have you seen the footage? Those cops look like robots who worked themselves into a nelly frenzy.

Here is a report—with video links—on the attacks by LA Weekly's star reporter Daniel Hernandez:

Read it.

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