Barbara Coe Wishes Swine Flu on Barack Obama

The latest Mexican pathogen is invading the United States: swine flu. The United States government has issued a public health emergency. Cases emerge worldwide, and deaths have already passed the 100 mark. So what does Barbara Coe, head of the Huntington Beach-based, Garden Grove-meeting California Coalition for Immigration Reform do? Openly call for God to infect President Barack Obama and other elected officials with this potentially fatal disease.

“As many Christians have often spoken, 'The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways,'” Coe begins her email sent last Friday to CCIR's mailing list, stylistically stealing from the gay-bashing, Jew-trashing La Voz de Aztlan. “Wouldn't it be even MORE interesting if some of the anti-American – pro-illegal alien AMNESTY traitors (posing as U.S. elected officials) who just visited Mexico, also contracted this disease and shared it with THEIR loved ones? We wonder if they would still vote for 'Open Borders'?” Coe was referring to the rumors that a man who shook Obama's hand while the president visited Mexico earlier this month died from the swine flu.

For once, I'm at a loss for words at Coe's utter depravity.

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