Barbara Coe on Barack Obama: “Worse, Much Worse” Than Hitler

I once had an argument of sorts with a prominent O.C. newsman who basically told me to give it a rest on the Barbara Coe beat. “She's just an old, paranoid woman who barely has a following,” he said of the head of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, and that's why he works for his outlet and I work for mine. You gentle readers need no introduction to the profound influence she's had on the modern-day Know Nothing movement.

But sometimes, I wonder if Coe is really a joke–well, of course she's a joke–of the Andy Kaufman performance art school or her current pitiful kind. Her sayings are so outrageous, so disgusting, surely she can't possibly believe them?

Consider her Sept. 27 missive to minions. Babs passed along some anti-Muslim drivel, and included this:

Barak [sic] Obama and his anti-American “czars” are taking a page from Hitler's Nazi Germany playbook – only worse, much worse. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Adolf Hitler's “playbook” included: the extermination of Jews, the mass murder of Gypsies, the disabled and Jehovah's Witnesses, and the killing of hundreds of thousands of Americans. No matter your position on Obama's policies, he's not a genocidal demon. Coe: What a sick HAG.

Allan Mansoor, former mayor of Costa Mesa, currently running for higher office: Barbara helped host a fundraiser for you a couple of years back, and her crazies make up your major voting bloc. Denounce her. Jeff Schwilk, head of the San Diego Minutemen and Coe acolyte, who insists his group is civil in the illegal-immigration debate despite all evidence to the contrary: denounce her. Dana Rohrabacher, who frequently speaks before CCIR meetings: denounce her. All of her followers: denounce her. But none of you will, because that's just the nature of your Know Nothing pendejo ways. The rest of us good people? We'll continue to laugh at your foolishness and cringe at the thought that your kind is coming back with a vengeance.

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