Barbara Coe Going Batshit Loca Over Jim Gilchrist

The legal and verbal back-and-forth between Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist and California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe has gone on for so long one doesn't even know where to begin. The only conclusion I can make is that Coe is the true evildoer of the former allies; after all, it was a CCIR meeting that inspired Gilchrist to start his effort, and while Gilchrist says wacky things from time to time, Coe's words are pure, hideous venom.

Coe has especially gone bonkers in trying to pin the tragic murders of a young Mexican girl and her father in Arizona on Gilchrist. In a June 21 response to a email by San Diego Minutemen head and OC boy Jeff Schwilk claiming he has “saved so much more” evidence implicating Gilchrist as the main supporter of the alleged murderers, Coe tried to pin the murder weapon on Gilchrist.

“Many thanks to Jeff for sharing [alleged murderer] Shawna Forde's statement revealing Gilchrist was her supporter, border partner and provided her 'equipment,'” Coe wrote (quick aside: the only other person who uses quotation marks as much as Coe is La Voz de Aztlan head pendejo Hector Carreon. Birds of a feather…). “We wonder if this 'equipment' included the murder weapon and was funded by a naive donor to his JGMMP – or if their
donations are now being used to pay his attorneys to harass and file lawsuits against true patriot leaders who reject his lies and wish donor funds be used for the non-violent securing of our borders?”

To paraphrase Jasper Beardley, this is going to get more entertaining before it gets better. Details to come…

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