Barbara Coe Adds Another Jewel to Her Crown of Conspiracies

It would take me a while to list all the vile things and views California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe believes, but a short list includes: Reconquista, Sikhs and Muslims deserve deportation, Obama wasn't born in the United States, Sonny Bono was murdered because he knew too much, and on and on the beat don't stop until the break of dawn. Here's the latest: Babs is urging her followers not to take any vaccines because the government is using them to kill you!

In a August 1 email to supporters regarding a YouTube video claiming a flue vaccine makes you infertile, Coe screeched the following (CAPS, as always when it comes to a Coe testimonial, in the original):

For MANY YEARS, my health care provider NAGGED me to take all their “vaccines” – flu, pneumonia, blah, blah. I refused and finally had to contact Administration to tell them to leave me alone!
When finally asked WHY, I advised them that to me it is obvious that IF my government (FDA) approves any vaccine, their goal is to sicken or kill me and my answer to them is not only NO, it is HELL NO! They finally left me alone. I am “older than dirt” and still “healthy as a horse” thanks to my wise decison.

PLEASE refuse this vaccine, URGE your kids and grandkids to also REFUSE it AND work tirelessly to DEFEAT Obama's “Health Care” that will FORCE all of us to submit to this (and other “vaccinations”) – PLEASE!

Honestly, the only conspiracy I've yet to hear Coe espouse is the Zionist one.

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