Barbara Coe Accuses Best Buy of Funding Islamic Terrorists

California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe has said a lot of lunatic pendejadas over the years–in fact, someone should gather them all and release them as a booklet ala “Shut Up, Fag!” (feel free to browse our Coe archives, future author). But what she sent out this past Saturday just might be the most batshit loca load uttered in Orange County this year–and, considering we house the country's nuttiest Republicans and Orly Taitz, this is quite the accomplishment.

Coe forwarded an article mentioning electronic giant Best Buy's efforts to be all inclusive and merry this holiday season by wishing Muslims a happy Eid Al-Adha during a Thanksgiving promotion (in Babs' world, time moves like molasses). So how did Coe react? Not only did she criticize the promotion, she accused Best Buy of being run by Islamic terrorists.

“Regardless of the price, BUY NOTHING at BEST BUY which now
appears to be controlled by radical Islamic Muslims who have publicly
stated their goal is to KILL all non-believers/infidels,” Coe wrote to
her minions (as always, caps and underlined words in the original. “Who
knows? The PROFIT from a sale to YOU, might be used to fund more
terrorist training camps OR buy a new sword to behead YOU or YOUR

Heaven knows what Coe will write if Best Buy ever celebrates Cinco de Mayo…

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