Ask a Mexican Upsetting Eugeneans

A couple of weeks ago, your favorite wab invaded the pages of the Eugene Weekly, the great alt-weekly that serves Eugene, Oregon. The reception hasn't been bueno–in fact, Eugene Weekly editor Ted Taylor met yesterday with “concerned Latino community leaders” (my quotes, not his) who want him to drop the column. In order to explain ¬°Ask a Mexican! to the non-satire inclined, the paper's cover story this week is an interview with me, which touches on the same notes that this one and this one did. And for further merriment, check out this segment on a Eugene television station. Confidential to the Asian chick, who fretted that the next insulting column down my slippery slope would be “Ask an Asian”: it's even better than that–it's “Ask a Korean!”, and it's pinche brilliant.

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