Arrest Warrant Issued for Habitual Deadbeat Dad Michael Scott Kerr (Again)

Hey, anyone know where Michael Scott Kerr is? The man who wanted to take care of military children who lost their fathers in battle, but couldn't be bothered to pay nearly $50,000 in child support? Who set up a non-profit for the noble cause but was booted because of his shadiness? Who returned last year to use the memories of fallen soldiers again to raise funds for something that never happened? Who's now doing the same thing anew as executive director of The Honor Run and calling himself “The Grateful Patriot”? That Michael Scott Kerr? Can someone let him know Arizona officials have issued an arrest warrant in his name for failure to pay $62,000 in child support and for failing to show up in court?

The warrant was issued August 6 in Maricopa County (type in Kerr's name and click on the pdf for proof) and is still outstanding, according to officials who spoke with the Weekly. So, can someone let Kerr know? And to make sure to tell him he takes care of his family first before trying to make himself out to be a patriot? Gracias!

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