Are OC Republicans Lying or Businessmen Stupid for Leaving Country's Most Popular State?

​The kind of Orange County Republicans who would launch a recall of a Southern California politician from their own party tell you higher taxes are driving businesses out of California. They'll compare Cali's various tax rates with a backwater state like Nevada, or send their puppet officeholders (Assembly members Diane Harkey, R-Dana Point, and Jim Silva, R-Huntington Beach) to that desert hell hole to hear from whiners who used to ply their trades here but left because of the supposedly piss-poor business climate.


What these Cali-haters never do is cite actual hard numbers, because they either don't exist or don't indicate what they tell their constituents.


The Harris Poll does deal with hard numbers, and for the sixth year in a row they show that California is the No. 1 state Americans would live in other than the one they are living in now if they had a choice.

Gee, if all those people up and move here, hope there's still some businesses around to serve them! You know, since all 14 of the merchants the OC politicians met with in April moved to Nevada and all.

The poll, which you can feast your eyes on here, breaks down thusly:

1) California

2) Florida

3) Hawaii 

4) Texas

5) Colorado

6) Arizona, North Carolina and Washington state (tie)

9) Tennessee

10) Oregon

11) New York

12) South Carolina and Massachusetts

14) Georgie Georgia

15) Montana 

When it comes to cities, New York City tops the list, as it has ever year since 1997 except 1998, when San Francisco ranked No. 1. This year's breakdown:

1) New York City

2) San Francisco and Denver (tied)

4) San Diego

5) Seattle

6) Chicago

7) Boston

8) Las Vegas

9) Washington, DC

10) Dallas 

11) Austin

12) Nashville

13) Atlanta

14) Orlando

15) Los Angeles 

Where the hell is La Habra?

Seriously, Harris Interactive polled 2,498 U.S. adults online between August 10 and 18 of this year and they claim their findings are “much more than a beauty contest.”

“The most popular states and cities where large numbers of people would like to live tend to attract tourists and business,” says Harris. “They are places where people like to take vacations and where companies like to have their offices and factories.”

Gee, someone should tell that to those OC Republicans crapping all over the state they represent.

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