Al Qaeda's Goat Boy: Back from the Dead and as Annoying as Ever

Apparently, your teabagging grandma isn't the only person who thinks the election of Barack Obama spells doom for America. In celebration of the eighth anniversary of 9/11, Al Qaeda has just released a video called “The West and the Dark Tunnel.” In the video, Ayman al-Zawahri  predicts that the “Muslim nation” will bring down the Obama presidency, the AP reports today.

Just how the “Muslim nation” will do that isn't clear. Is he talking about the Nation of Islam? If so, let me be the first to predict that Al Qaeda's next attack on U.S. soil will involve a Louis Farrakhan/Sarah Palin candidacy.

What is clear, is that despite rumors that he'd been killed in a Predator drone attack in Pakistan earlier this year, Orange County's favorite terrorist traitor, Adam Yahiye Gadahn, is still alive and well–if by alive and well one really means temporarily not dead and well on his way to being so annoying Al Qaeda might off him if the CIA doesn't.

Here's what Gadahn, who has threatened, heckled and lectured the
American public for years now with his stupid videos, says in his
latest diatribe, presumably filmed somewhere near the
Afghanistan-Pakistan border:

“The important question is will Obama and his Democrats learn from
his predecessor's mistakes or will they go on repeating them until they
too leave office in humiliation and disgrace…Unfortunately
for the Democrats, and judging by their first seven-and-a-half months
at the helm of the sinking American ship, the prognosis doesn't look

right folks. Obama is taking America to ruin. You didn't see that on
Fox News. You heard it from your second most trusted news source, Al

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