AG Jerry Brown Goes After OC Mortgage Loan Modifiers

California Attorney General Jerry Brown is cracking down on 133 Orange County-based home loan modifiers, reports Orange County Register “Mortgage Insider” Matthew Padilla. Anyone who read Clockwork's Welcome to the Poorhouse: Problem Makers Become “Solvers”–which was about loan companies and officers who helped facilitate the mortgage meltdown now being in the business of helping modify the loans of those underwater–or the looooong string of comments to that post will recognize some of the company names.

The post, which was based on a Salon reporter's visit to a loan modification seminar in Long Beach, included a reference to Shawn Kolahi and Irvine-based Loan Processing Center, which turns up on Brown's list of Orange County companies that have not registered with his office.

A commenter named “Jason” posted an article about disciplinary charges being filed against lawyer Sean Rutledge with United Law Group in Irvine. Kirkland Holdings/United Law Group at 2400 Main St., Second Floor, Irvine, also turns up on Brown's list.

But to give an idea of the murky nature of the business, which often has companies and officials changing their names and affiliations, there is also a United Law Group in Las Vegas singled out by the AG's office. Meanwhile, names very similar to those mentioned in the Poorhouse piece and comments, located in the same OC cities, take up Brown spots as well.

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