Newport Beach Students Bought Test Answers on Amazon

​It's always astonishing what you can find on Amazon — creepy books, helpful books, engagement rings, and, if you're a student at Corona del Mar High School, an A+ on your history exam. 
About 10 sophomores purchased test answers from the online marketplace, the Daily Pilot reports. (Man, when I was their age, kids had to do the old-fashioned bathroom-stall run.) Apparently, an Amazon merchant was selling “test banks,” questions and answers provided by textbook publishers to teachers. It appears there was a black market for this information — at a PTA meeting, parents said that some students were selling the answers to their classmates.    


A history teacher found out when someone, likely a student, snitched via an anonymous note. While the school principal said it's a “really big issue,” he did not discuss whether the students would be disciplined. The test banks are no longer listed for sale.
But should the teens be punished or praised? In this whole process, they learned about internet research and profit-making, valuable real-world skills. Right now, they're probably Googling, “How to get out of detention,” just in case. 

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