Newport Beach Ranked 6th Drunkest California City; See Where Your OC City Finished

It should be no surprise that Newport Beach has ranked among the top 10 drunkest cities in California. Folks go to Newps to party and folks who live there find any excuse to party. What is surprising is Huntington Beach did not rank even drunker. Heck, it ain't even in the top 10, and Costa Mesa is No. 11!


The rankings come from (“Our goal is to show you the real side of places that not everyone wants to hear”), which claims to have used the following data to determine Cali's drunkest:

• Number of bars and pubs per capita
• Number of wineries per capita
• Number of liquor stores per capita
• Each city's drunk related tweets within the last week
• Each city's divorce rate

Here are the top 10:

1. Santa Monica
2. Santa Barbara
3. Napa
4. Pasadena
5. Sacramento
6. Newport Beach
7. Oakland
8. Livermore
9. San Mateo
10. El Cajon

As for ol' No. 6, finds RoadSnacks …

Population: 85,233

Divorce rate: 12.6%

Bars per capita: 5th in CA

Liquor stores per capita: 21st

Holy Matrimony, Newport Beach. It says 'Till death do us part' for a reason, but your divorce rate is through the roof!

No wonder you guys are having trouble getting your marriages intact. There are too many distractions in the area to keep you focused on one another.

If you're in NB and newly single, stop moping and get back out there into the bar scene. After all, that's probably where you met your spouse in the first place.

Here's how the RoadSnackers ranked other Orange County cities: Costa Mesa (11); Huntington Beach (14); Orange (25); Fullerton (27); Anaheim (35); Buena Park (42); Westminster (49); Lake Forest (62); Irvine (66); Santa Ana (80); Mission Viejo (86).

Long Beach is ranked 19th.

Of all the OC cities, Santa Ana has the lowest divorce rate, at 6.20 percent. Like RoadSnacks observes above, Newport Beach is highest.

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