New Yakitori Bar Opens In Costa Mesa

If you haven't heard, Hana No Ki, the old multi-purpose sushi and Japanese restaurant at the corner of Baker and Bear not far from the Mitsuwa Marketplace and South Coast Plaza, has folded. 

Now a new yakitori bar called Takaya Yakitori Izakaya has moved in. Expect all parts of a chicken to be skewered on sticks and roasted, washed down with beer, soju, sake, and um, more beer.


I slipped in yesterday to get a feel of it (but haven't tried anything), and found that it has a menu a fraction the size of Honda-Ya and a room to match.
See the kushiyaki list below, which features your chosen protein or veg either salted or brushed with a teriyaki-like sauce.
891 Baker St # B15, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, (714) 557-8715

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