New Turkish Restaurant To Open in Irvine's Quail Hill

What is that thing you see in the picture? Why, it's lahmajoun (also spelled lahmacun), a Turkish pizza of sorts: dough stretched to a thinness of a crepe, baked with minced meat, usually lamb or beef.

The photo is from the website of Wraps Xpress*, a yet-to-be-opened new Turkish joint in Quail Hill Village Center in Irvine, which hopes to serve them under the perhaps-too-generic title of wrap.


According to the man who answered the phone when I called the number listed on their website, and who, by the way, thought I was trying to sell them something, the restaurant is hoping to be in business by the end of the month

Wraps Xpress, 6779 Quail Hill Parkway, Irvine, CA 92603, (949)464-8448;

*Thanks to Brekkie Fan, who tipped me off to its existence.

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