New Pop-Up Sobremesa Is Bringing the Heat!

Courtesy of Joshua Lozano

Chef Joshua Lozano, who cut his teeth at restaurants like Oceans and Earth, Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens, and now holds down the line at Toast Kitchen + Bakery in Costa Mesa, is launching a pop-up project called Sobremesa, which focuses on local ingredients and fire.

The pop-up brings together Orange County culinary talent including Allan Aguiñaga from Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens, executive chef John Park from Toast Kitchen + Bakery, John English from Trenta and Lucas Dean Gallavan from Mayor’s Table Pacific Pub & Kitchen.

The first dinner takes place this Monday, November 19 in Huntington Beach. The menu will center around an open flame and the chefs will collaborate around it, cooking everything from rod and reel caught fish (locally harvested by Ryan Troli of Harbor Fish Company) to dessert.

Ultimately, Lozano says the potential series refers to the time spent at the table after dinner. “Some people say it is when dessert is served and that is something that has always been close to my heart,” says Lozano. “Growing up I had a fairly big family and every Sunday we would all get together for dinner, I have so many memories of us kids sitting at the table listening to my grandparents tell stories – sobremesa is such a beautiful time to me and I just want to share it with other people.”

A portion of the ticket proceeds (combined with a donation from Bishop Rotary) will go to support Davis Elementary School in Santa Ana annual turkey drive – providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need.

The pop-up debuts Monday, November 19th at an undisclosed location in Huntington Beach, at 5:30 p.m. Seats are available for purchase here.

Follow Sobremesa on Instagram for future pop-ups.

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