New Oyster Bar Opens at OC Mart Mix

As we mentioned before, Leonard Chan of California Shabu Shabu fame and partner Noah Blom was working on opening an oyster bar called Shuck at the OC Mart Mix. Now it has opened. It's not the grand opening, simply their “dry opening”, but they're already serving what they promised, which is a variety of oysters on the half shell over ice (they hope to have about at least a dozen different kinds), clam chowder, and grilled cheese sammies. 


According to their website the conversation to start an oyster bar went like this:

Noah: “What is missing in Orange County, culinary wise?”

Leonard: “Good oysters. Maybe better tapas, but oysters for sure.

What kind of food do you miss that you can't get here?”

Noah: “Same. Oysters. Want to open an oyster bar?”

Leonard: “Uhhh, yeah!”

Chan also owns The Iron Press, the waffle sandwich and beer bar, while Blom is working on his ARC Restaurant, both at OC Mart Mix at SoCo.
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