New Newport Beach Resident Scammed by Moving Services of America

Lauren Nydam went online, found Moving Services of America through its website and hired
the company to relocate her from North Carolina to Newport Beach.

She put down $1,200 for an agreed-upon $1,900 move. But when he stuff did not arrive on the Left Coast, Nydam called the company and discovered they were holding it for an additional $3,000 ransom.

KABC/Channel 7 initially reported on the scam (hat tip to U-Pack) that took in the Duke University law grad.

Things began badly for Nydam when the movers arrived a day late to load her things. She still had not received them when KABC aired its report on June 16.

By then, Nydam
had given in to the company's demands.

Seeking recourse is apparently difficult because sketchy moving companies are based in unknown locations, relying on local
freelance movers who aren't in on the scheme.

Anyone else dealt with shit like this?

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