New Music: Free Moral Agents, “Systole” (Live Audio From the Prospector)

Though we haven't written too much about them lately, we've recently gotten wise to the fact that Long Beach's Free Moral Agents have a lot of new genre-bending, eclectic gems waiting to be downloaded. 

One of them just hit their Twitter page last night. “Systole” was recorded live at the Prospector, the band's favorite Long Beach stomping ground. It starts off gradually with lead singer Mendee Ichikawa's Björk-esque vocals and quickly blooms into an offering of spacey funk spliced with swirling art rock that highlights keyboardist/band leader Ikey Owens' ferocious runs. The hoots and hollers of the drunk Prospector crowd lends the fiery freestyle a little extra spark.

This live track is the latest in a handful of new material that precedes the band's upcoming full-length Control This! There's no set release date yet, but we'll be keeping our ear to the ground. Currently, the band are gearing up for a national tour with rapper Sage Francis–coming to the Glass House on June 9. Until then, we're hoping FMA hit us with a few more new tunes like this one to tide us over.


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