New Kanye Songs! (Via…Facebook?)

Kanye West's upcoming record, reportedly titled Good Ass Job, is scheduled for release this fall (rumor has it that it will be out Sept. 14). According to Pitchfork, Kanye premiered a few new songs acapella–at the offices of social networking site Facebook.
Kanye reportedly “stopped by the offices of the social networking giant earlier this week and gave its staffers an impromptu a cappella performance of possible Good Ass Job cuts 'Lost in the World,' 'Chain Gang,' and 'Mama's Boyfriend.' So, yeah, there's no beats, but the verses are 'Ye spitting some pretty seriously hard-as-fuck rhymes.”

And what would a visit to a social networking site be without a YouTube clip? Check out “Lost in the World” / “Chain Gang” below.

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