New Juice Bar Planned For Costa Mesa

Ikea, eat your umlaut-loving heart out. This planned juice bar off of 17th Street and Irvine Blvd. in Costa Mesa is calling itself néktər, no, not Nectar, or even Nektar, but néktər, which is not as fun to say as it is to type out.

I'm reaching here, but methinks they should've gone crazier on the diacritics and called it “néktər jüs bahr”. Of course, I'm joking.

But I think I'm correct in saying that this may be the first (and probably not the last purveyor of food in OC) to use the schwa.

With this, I think we're officially over the trend of naming your eatery after thermometer readings (85°C Bakery and Cafe, 25 Degrees, and 118 Degrees).

*Thanks, as always, to Brekkie Fan for the tip and picture

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