New House of Blues Anaheim Opens Its Doors With Social Distortion

Today the new House of Blues Anaheim location at the Anaheim GardenWalk finally showed a major sign of life when it released its first round of show dates, starting early next year with Social Distortion (duh!) for a two-night run, February 28 and March 1. The next two months continue strong with performances from Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals, Korn, Thrice, Wu-Tang Clan, Billy Idol, The Growlers, Pixies, and many more (a show from guitar legend Santana is also slated for September 11).

Earlier this year, the Live Nation venue's old location at Downtown Disney closed its doors after 15 years. Lit played the venue's final shows which we might've enjoyed had we not been booted out by Mickey Mouse security. Hopefully things go a lot smoother for us during this opening round of shows. This first House of Blues to be built in 10 years — last one was in Houston — promises to be twice as big as the old Anaheim location and one of the most technologically advanced of the 12-venue chain. The new location will be over twice as big as the previous building, with a 2,200 capacity in the music hall, 400 capacity in The Parish, 150 to 175 capacity in the Foundation Room, 325 capacity in the restaurant and a total square footage of 40,000-plus.

The full schedule for the first two months is available on the venue's Facebook page.

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