New Head of OC's Catholic Schools Described Sexual Abuse of Student as a “Romantic Relationship”

When I initially wrote about the appointment of Mater Dei assistant principal Greg Dhuyvetter to head Orange County's Catholic schools, I didn't have the full story. I knew some of his colleagues were kiddie-fiddlers when he was a teacher, and that he oversaw other perverts while assistant principal. But I finally tracked down the document that proves Dhuyvetter is a apologist lying pig–and a pendejo, to boot!

The smoking thurible is a July 2007 deposition for the civil lawsuit filed against former Mater Dei boys' basketball assistant Jeff Andrade. Dhuyvetter says many hilarious things in it: for one, how he called Child Protective Services about the possible sexual abuse of a student by someone who wasn't a Mater Dei douche–this while school officials never quite got around to calling the authorities on abusive employees at the school. Dhuyvetter was also Andrade's direct supervisor, even had to do a personnel report on him, and gave a glowing review–this, during a time that Andrade was abusing at least one student and possibly more.

But nothing Dhuyvetter said was as despicable as him describing a sex-abuse case as a “romantic relationship.”

He tried to argue that because he didn't hear any specifics about sexual abuse in that case, that it was a romantic relationship–this despite the fact school administrators fired the perpetrator for sexual abuse, and that the case was part of the Diocese of Orange's $100 million settlement with sex-abuse victims. REAL romantic, Dhuyvetter.

But that statement wasn't Dhuyvetter's funniest gaffe–that would be the part of the deposition where Dhuyvetter, with a straight face, said Mater Dei's disturbing number of sex-abuse cases really didn't differ from what went on at other high schools–and that poor Mater Dei just didn't get treated right by the press! “I know that [sex-abuse cases at public schools] do happen, and they don't reach the front of the paper as often, but they are there,” Dhuyvetter insisted. “And usually they're not handled in a very public fashion.”

Prosecuting attorney Vince Finaldi wouldn't have it. “What schools are these?” he asked.

“I'm sorry?” Dhuyvetter responded.

“What other schools are these?” Finaldi repeated.

“Just different schools through the Orange County area,” Dhuyvetter lamely responded. Finaldi pressed on–could he name just one high school with as many pervert cases as Mater Dei? And Dhuyvetter…couldn't.

This is the man Bishop Tod D. Brown wants to oversee Catholic education? Of course! An apologist, a victim, an idiot, a liar–heckuva job, Brownie!

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