New Generation In Santa Ana Is Celebrating 4/20 With A Focus On Wellness

Get your Wellness on at New Generation (Courtesy of New Gen)

Not sure what to do this 4/20 weekend? Look no further—we’ve got you covered. Today is California’s first legal international day of cannabis, and New Generation in Santa Ana is hosting a “green Friday” sale from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. From now ‘till Saturday night, you’ll be able to score canna-products, flowers, deals and five cent goodie bags valued at $150 and higher. Flavor crumble is buy-one-get-one 50 percent off, medical patients who come in with a valid medical card get 15 percent off, and top shelf pre-rolls (normally $10) are priced at $4.20. The best part is that, as of Jan. 1, 2018, a doctor’s recommendation is not necessary to join in on the fun—you just need a valid driver’s license proving you’re over 21-years-old.

“We pride ourselves on the highest quality lowest donation around,” says Chelsea Hawkesby, retail operations manager at New Gen. “So, our deals are pretty much all day every day. But on top of that we wanted to make sure that our medical patients get special attention because we know they’ve had a hard time adjusting to the new taxes that have been implemented since the new law was enacted. We train our employees to treat everyone like patients…Just because someone doesn’t have a medical recommendation doesn’t mean they don’t have cancer or extreme pain.”

But New Gen knows going out on 4/20 and dealing with the storefront chaos isn’t for everyone. So, they’re keeping the good vibes rolling through tomorrow, too. From 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. the shop is hosting a cannabis and wellness event focusing on how to use the plant to elevate the physical and mental aspects of our health and wellbeing.

“We wanted to make a weekend out of [this holiday] because we know some people don’t like the rush of 4/20,” says Hawkesby. “Some people don’t like the crowds or being overwhelmed like that, so we decided to do something more chill on 4/21.”

Courtesy of New Gen

People who RSVP to the wellness event (check the RSVP link at the bottom) will be able to get back massages and assessments by chiropractic professionals, have options for decadent healthy eats, and cash in on stellar “green Friday” weekend deals. Cannabis vendors aligned with the health and wellness ethos will be there with products and educating attendees about the ways the herb can be used therapeutically and medicinally. “We want to make this more of a community gathering rather than people just coming and going for specials,” says Hawkesby. “We’re offering education on THC and CBD and how the plant can provide major health benefits to people. There will also be a live acoustic set to create a relaxing ambiance as well.”

Perhaps the most fascinating–and exciting– aspect of New Gen’s health and wellness event is who they’re sponsored by. One group participating in the event is LIV Integrative Health–a chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, and nutrition business based in Newport Beach. Traditionally a non-cannabis company, LIV (which stands for longevity, integration, and vitality) and New Gen’s collaboration is a sign of the canna-friendly times. It’s an example of cannabis integration into the mainstream. Unions between licensed health professionals and cannabis businesses is history happening before our eyes. It also shatters the archaic stigma– and when better to do it than on 4/20 weekend?

Heavy Hitter’s vape cartridge company is also sponsoring the event and celebrating the debut of their new CBD vape. “It’s really exciting that Heavy Hitters is going to be there [tomorrow] because they’re launching a brand new product at our event,” Hawkesby says. “They’re really big on helping people and providing a really good clean, quality consistent product and just being there for the shops they do business with, as well. We’re really excited for them to present their new product to the public via our event. Saturday’s going to be a great, laid-back event.”

If you’re interested in attending Saturday’s cannabis and wellness event at New Generation, you can RSVP here. If you’re looking to score on sweet deals you have all day today and tomorrow to get in on the goods. Remember, this is the FIRST LEGAL 4/20 our state’s celebrated, so if there’s any time to explore and honor the power of the plant– it’s today. And tomorrow. And Sunday because it’s Earth Day, duh! Happy 4/20 and take advantage of our legal rights as Californians! “Bring your friends and come on down,” Hawkesby says. “This is going to be one of our best events.”

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