Neo-Nazis for Gilchrist

The Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report has a piece on Jim Gilchrist, co-founder of the border-sealing Minutemen Project, tolerating neo-Nazis campaigning for him when he ran unsuccessfully for an Orange County congressional seat last year.

We think someone misunderstood when it was suggested the Minutemen need to be more tolerant.

The story claims that neo-Nazis were spotted at Gilchrist rallies in Sacramento, Lake Forest and Laguna Beach, and that when Orange County dance instructor Cliff May confronted Gilchrist about their presence, Gilchrist was okay with it.

The Intelligence Report claims Gilchrist did not respond to repeated attempts for comment–and never did confirm nor deny the presence of neo-Nazis and his apparent tolerance of them–although he did finally release a statement calling May “wasteful and destructive human debris engaged in malicious conduct impugning my character, and the character of all the Minuteman Project participants and the 850+ volunteers in my recent political campaign.”

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