Near-Fatal Shooting After Argument Over Which State in Mexico is Best Begs the Question: Which IS Best?

Two groups of men at Mariscos la Ola restaurant in Santa Ana Sunday night argued over whose state in Mexico was better. The flap spilled into the parking lot on East McFadden Avenue, and then a fistfight broke out. Esteban
, 35, was inside dining with his wife and a friend. As Navarrete got into his car to leave, two of the arguing men walked over, a handgun was whipped out and several shots were fired. Navarrete was struck in the head. He's now on life support in a trauma center. His shooter has yet to be identified.

As we, police and a trembling public await more details about the poor
man's condition and the hunt for his attackers, a nagging question remains: Which state in Mexico IS the best?

I've only been to Baja and Tecate, so I'm no judge. But surely our enlightened, well-traveled readers have opinions.

Leave a comment below identifying which state in Mexico is best and why. States in the Southwest U.S. will not be considered. Make the best argument, and you will win something I trick The Mexican into signing. 

More important, leave a comment with Santa Ana homicide detectives at (714) 245-8390 if you know anything about who shot Navarrete.

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