Natural Child

There’s a big ol’ ass on the cover of the new Natural Child album on Burger Records, which is there mainly just to show you exactly what’s gonna get kicked within—this is some happily heavy scuz-rawk (don’t make us spell stuff rite for this band) that comes off like the New York Dolls or Heartbreakers as readied for war by the Pink Album Pagans. What’s that mean to you? Snot, dirt, noise and fucking attitude to the horizon line, where the sun is already down and the neon BAR sign is just sputtering on. (In between, there's some nice soul bits and even a reggae song.) But mostly this record will beat you up, just as soon as it finishes its beer. They play this week with Audacity, who routinely just wreck you, and the psychedelic crushers Feeding People, plus People’s Temple.

Thu., Sept. 13, 9 p.m., 2012

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