Narcoleptic Youth Played a Secret Show at The Doll Hut

Narcoleptic Youth attended Doll Huts Tuesday night open mic and took advantage of the stage by having a free practice that doubled as an impromptu live performance for the few lucky concert goers who happened to be there. They promoted the show under the fake moniker New Yankee Infidels. According to guitarist, Jay Sin, “We actually have a couple new members and were tuning up our show to hit the circuit, so to speak. We played that show last minute under an assumed name as it was really just an open rehearsal. We have had a lineup change due to a medical circumstance and are just acclimating to the new members. “

Witnesses had a rare chance to see the OC punk veterans up close and personal, playing their classic staples like, “Barbie in Bondage,” and “The Bitch Needs a Muzzle,” as well as an opportunity to see the band working out a few new songs, “Little Chinese Man,” ” One Nation Under Nothing,” and “The C.I.A Killed Dick Clark,” All of which can be heard on their new release One Nation Under Nothing, which is out now on Dr.Strange Records.

The evening really had more of a Tuesday night rehearsal vibe, than that of an actual show. Between the few stragglers at the bar and the pleasantries over beer from the band members themselves after their performance, it legitimately felt like attending a band practice at a home away from home with good friends. The guys in the band stuck around to hang and chat after the performance, and half the members even took the stage again with a concert goer to keep the open mic going.

After all these years, The Doll Hut still has pleasant surprises and hidden gems to offer the music scene of Orange County. The moral of the story is, you might want to swing by the Doll Hut for their Tuesday night open mics. You never know who might show up!

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