Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octo-Mom, Reportedly Scores Medical Pot Card

TMZ is reporting that Nadya Suleman, the infamous Octomom, is a medical marijuana patient. Apparently, the mother of 14 children, former pay-per-chat phone entrepreneur and pornstar just checked out of a treatment center for addiction to Xanax and promptly purchased herself a medical marijuana card so she can cure her anxiety the natural way. The gossip website's sources are claiming Octomom isn't smoking any weed around her children, but rather is having baked brownies and other edibles delivered to her home, and that therefore, she feels, her kids “are not at risk.”

On the one hand, if anyone qualifies for a medical marijuana anxiety-treatment program it's a single mother of more than a dozen kids. On the other hand, just when the hell is she going to have the time to get stoned eating brownies if she's supposed to be parenting all those ankle-biters? Either way, although Octomom isn't exactly the poster-child for medical pot, if the space cakes help her quit popping pills, isn't that a good thing? And more importantly, how long will it take before there's some kind of hybrid strain named after Suleman?

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