Nadia G is Causing a Riot With Food, Comedy and Punk Rock

Bad ass babe Nadia G is somewhat of a super woman due to the many avenues she occupies while wearing heels to die for. Some of the powers she's mastered include putting it down in the kitchen, rocking a stage, and kicking some jokes around, but now, she's adding another one: Festival superstar. The first ever Riot Grill is popping its cherry August 7th at The Regent with an all grrrl lineup that includes Babes in Toyland, Le Butcherettes, Slutever, and The Menstruators. It will also be hosted by comedian Sara Schaefer and will feature a pop up by Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen. Sounds like crazy fun right? We were super pumped to get on Nadia's level for a chat and since we've talked with her before, we decided to make it completely rando this time because we remember a thing or two about how she rolls. And rocks. Effortlessly.


OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): How did the idea to lineup an event like this come about?

Nadia G: If you think about it, Bitchin' Kitchen was always about three things; food, comedy, and punk rock. So creating a live show that skiaffs it all together was a natural next step. Our line-up is sick with Babes in Toyland, Le Butcherettes, Slutever, and my band The Menstruators all performing. Sara Schaefer is hosting and I'll also be doing a pop up featuring all my best recipes. Riot Grill is basically BK reincarnated but with a killer live soundtrack, food you can actually eat, and a mosh pit. Or should I say, “nosh pit.”

I love it! So when it came time to pick the food, did you go with a theme? Something like, finger food that doesn't leave sauce on your hands so when you pump them in the air there's no sticky remnants?

Ha! I can't make any promises about the sticky fingers. But in case your hands do get dirty, just do what any civilized human would do. Pretend to hug your friend and wipe it on their back.

Ahhh…the ol' hug and rub. Got it. How did you narrow down what you'd be cooking up? The options really could be endless!

Like any artist, a chef needs inspiration. So for my Bitchin' Kitchen pop up, I was inspired by what people want to shove into their greedy faceholes when smashed. It's an ode to bar food so short-rib Philly cheesesteaks smothered in Taleggio sauce, deep fried wild mushroom ravioli served with spicy Italian salsa, sweet fig and prosciutto pizza, and bacon chocolate cupcakes. Essentially, it's the perfect menu for a night of drinking, dancing, and mayhem.

Urghh, I'm starving now. Off topic but help the ladies of the world out for a sec. What's the secret to being a foodie and staying so slim?

I do a lot of Muay Thai. I figure if this whole rock star thing falls through I can always make some cash fighting in underground death matches and look fab while I'm at it!

Fair enough! Let's get into the rock. If you had to listen to one album for a month straight, which would you pick and why?

No matter how good a band is, listening to them for one month straight borders on Guantanamo territory. I'm going to go with ocean sounds, BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT TRICK ME, DAMMIT!

Haha ocean sounds would be awful but, I get it! Kinda morbid but I'm going there anyway, name a couple of songs that you'd like on your “funeral song list.” And no ocean sounds!!

Not morbid at all! In life only two things are guaranteed, death and Guy Fieri going to Flavortown. So for my funeral please play “Cincinnati” by The Distillers and then bring in the bagpipes. Because even if I'm just another shitbag who bit the dust on this overpopulated rock we call earth, bagpipes will make people feel like I was important.

Well said. Of sorts. Spot on with Guy Fieri though! Speaking of important, I hear you have some beef with Facebook. From one gal who is annoyed by Facebook to another, please explain.

I don't have much of a problem with Facebook requests, but more of a burning hatred for Facebook in general. Here's my latest song about precisely that. It's called, “We Don't Care-The Facebook Anthem.”


I fucking love that. And when it comes to your band, how did you decide on the name The Menstruators? Very clever indeed.

I'm a riot grrrl at heart and the name “The Menstruators” just felt right. It's crass, it's feminist, it's unapologetic, and most importantly, it cuts through the noise. You know what you're getting when you hear a band name like “The Menstruators” and it's going to be loud, dirty, and very punk rock.

If your band could get the rights to cover any song, which one are you going with?

I'm going to have to go with “Nothing Compares to You” from Prince/ Sinead O'Connor. We already do a pretty rad cover of it during live shows, so being able to do that, um, legally would be sweet.

By the way, do you gals do kid's parties?

Abso-fucking-lutely! Bat Mitzvah's, Quinceañera's, Communions… Book us for all of your party needs here: The Menstruators.

Hilar. I LOVE the products in your on-line store so any thoughts of having a booth at Riot Grill so people can bring home an awesome souvenir?

Riot Grill swag is pretty sweet. I created it with one of my favorite designers Christopher Lee Sauve. He actually just did Madonna's tees. We were inspired by 90's riot grrrl punk posters and the gear looks awesome! You can grab it at the show or online at

Alright so after this event is a major success, any thoughts of taking it on the road?

I'd say a big resounding YES to that. Cheers to this being the first of many Riot Grill's that celebrate the most kick ass women in music, comedy, and food. I'll definitely drink to that. But honestly, I'll drink to anything so…

Grab your tickets now for Riot Grill on Friday August 7th at The Regent DTLA by going to 448 S. Main Street Los Angeles 90013, (323) 284-5727. For more info on the event check out and for more info on Nadia, go to her website and follow her on Twitter @BitchinKitchen and on Instagram.

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