Myung Dong Kal Guk Su Closes In Tustin; Replaced by Ye Dang Korean Restaurant

The signs were literally there that Myung Dong Kal Guk Su wasn't doing so well at the location it took up from the former Jamillah Garden in Tustin. A few years ago, the Korean knife-cut noodle peddler, which has a successful store in Anaheim, installed a banner advertising a lunch special that
played fast and loose on what they actually served.

“Chicken Soup with
Pasta for $7.95,” it said.

Pasta? Chicken Soup?

Surely they're not
serving anything remotely Italian or Campbell's-inspired. It was a transparent (at least to me) effort to bring customers in from a street in a part of Tustin that doesn't see too many cars, let alone Korean customers who know what kal guk su was.

Now another Korean restaurant has stepped in. Ye Dang Restaurant is new
to Tustin, but actually has a branch in Fullerton. It, too, serves kal
guk su (knife cut noodle), but also bo ssam and other homey Korean
specialties. How long before it starts putting up signs like Myung Dong?

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